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                                     SURVIVING ME: THE 9 CIRCLES OF SOPHIE (2015) 104 min.    

                                   Written & Directed by Leah Yananton 


                                     As she enters her junior year of college, aspiring poet Sophie (Christine Ryndak)                                   embarks on a journey of self-discovery amidst a sexual identity crisis. Fear                                           and insecurity eventually get the best of her, and Sophie loses her                                                         moral compass, damaging her relationships with her boyfriend Jimmy (Vincent                                     Piazza, Boardwalk Empire) and best friend Kiera (Leah Yananton), as well as                                       her poetry professor Slateman (Fredric Lehne, Lost) and his enigmatic wife         Jacqueline (Mira Furlan, Lost).  Before she can find redemption and move into the next phase of her life, Sophie must journey through her own experience of Dante’s Inferno and take responsibility for her behavior.




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